Sunday, July 31, 2005

Propaganda Or Sheer Ignorance

Below is a letter to the editor published in today's Charlotte Observer. I do not know if the writer is simply clueless or if he is purposefully spreading lies.

Mr. Maier believes that only coercive political government can provide basic services such as police, courts and postal delivery. We Libertarians know better than that.

He trys to compare Kabul, Afghanistan to a libertarian society. How absurd! Libertarianism does not equate to a "government-free" society. A libertarian society would be based on self government. All political associations would be voluntary.

Mr. Maier is right about one thing...there would be no taxes in a libertarian society, only user fees! Each person would pay for the services they used. That includes police, fire, schools, libraries, etc. Yes, Mr. Maier, even in the absence of coercive government, the mail would still run. Schools would be open and our children would actually receive a sound education. Electricity and water would flow throughout our communities.

How do I know this? Since there will always be a demand for the services mentioned above, the market will provide them.

Maybe if our government schools taught students how to think for themselves, people like Mr. Maier would understand basic, free market principles.


Ah, the joys of a true government-free society

I spent five weeks working in Kabul, Afghanistan, this summer and got a close-up view of a libertarian, government-free society. I think Bill Reeside would love it! First, there are NO TAXES, and that means basically no government.

There are no courts or liberal activist judges to worry about. There are police but they don't get paid, so if you need them, you pay as you go -- like, you know, a bribe. Why didn't we think of that? There's no endless arguing about schools and busing, because there are no schools! That frees the kids to start work at 6 years old hauling water home all day long, because, you guessed it, there's no water system!

Kabul will be a paradise for you, Bill. When you get there be sure to send a postcard. Oops, forgot, no postal system! One less crushing government bureaucracy. But you can send a letter by FEDEX for only $70. Can't beat that free market liberated from government meddling.

Robert Maier

Friday, July 29, 2005

The CAFTA Flip Flop

Well, well... Congressman Robin Hayes has 'seen the light' on CAFTA. I guess he had a episode similar to Paul on the road to Damascus...a sudden revelation from on high! After preaching how CAFTA was bad for the 8th District, Mr. Hayes, at the last minute, had a change of heart. He changed his vote from no to yes. He cast the 216th vote in favor of the bill. 217 to 215, he cast the 'winning' vote.

You see, Mr. Hayes could not take the political pressure. He withered under fire. Spineless indeed!

Mr. Hayes didn't want to disappoint his little prince, G.W. Bush. He just had to be a team player!

Mr. Hayes took the bribe while our nation's sovereignty took the shaft! His blind obedience to the neo-con agenda will be rewarded nicely. His 2006 campaign coffers will overflow with donations from corporate fascists [The only benefactors of schemes like CAFTA].

Mr. Hayes has once again, shown his ignorance and utter disregard for our Constitution.

Sadly, the majority of the voters in his district do not give a damn!

I hope you enjoy your 30 pieces of silver, Mr. Hayes! Maybe you could use it to buy a potter's field, some place you could bury what's left of our Constitution.

Before I go, I have a message for the Establishment Press & Politicians... Please stop using the phrase "free trade".

You would not know free trade if it came up and bit you on your ass!

Free trade is the voluntary exchange of goods and/or services between individuals. Governmental interference, CAFTA for example, has nothing to do with free trade!


Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Long Day In Raleigh

This past Thursday, Sean Haugh and myself met at the Legislative Building to lobby members of the General Assembly, in regards to ballot access (H88 - Electoral Fairness Act).

I left my house in southern Cabarrus around 4:40 am, (Thank the Lord for coffee!). I met Sean about 8:25 am and we proceeded to visit legislators. We split up so we could meet with more people. Most of the representatives were sympathetic to our bill. I had the opportunity to visit with Cabarrus Senator, Fletcher Hartsell. We talked about our fondness for the late Senator Barry Goldwater. Sen. Hartsell and I certainly have our areas of disagreement. However, in regards to Goldwater, we see eye to eye.

Later that evening, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Wake LP meeting. I had a wonderful time although I did not feel real well. The lack of sleep and drain of energy from the heatwave, along with the fact that I had a three hour ride home ahead of me, caused me to leave the meeting earlier than I would have liked. I got back home about 11:00 pm.

It was an exhausting, but fun day in Raleigh.

Wish I Had Written That

Below is a copy of a letter-to-the-editor, sent to me by my good friend, Chris Cole. He has sent it to the Independent Tribune. I hope he has better "luck" than me. My last three lte's were ignored by Kathy Nelson and the rest of the editorial staff.

To the editor:
Your article on growth as a "burden" on schools goes a
long way in reminding me why I am a Libertarian.

When they get more customers, businesses like
McDonalds or Wachovia give cheers. Only government
treats new customers as a burden. If there aren't
enough McDonalds, the solution is to build new ones.
When schools are overcrowded, the solution is...? To
pronounce blame. Blame developers. Blame new
residents. Blame immigrants. But never blame

The obvious solution is to get education out of the
hands of government. Of course, bureaucrats would
never say that, because it would undermine their
control of our lives and ability to take our money.

If public schools can't absorb more students, then
give those students other options. Charter schools
would be an easy step, but the state caps those. How
about a tax credit for families that home-school or
send their kids to private schools? Fewer students in
public schools would mean less need for public school
space. Do you see how easy liberty is?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

More Corporate Welfare, $233,000 Worth

Last week, the Cabarrus County Commission awarded a economic incentive grant valued at $233,000 to Haas CNC Racing. The team intends to expand it's business by relocating to Kannapolis from Harrisburg.

The city of Kannapolis is considering a $212,000 grant as well. It must be nice for the owners of Haas CNC Racing! After receiving the 'bribe money' from the county and already deciding to stay in Cabarrus, they may well receive another bribe from the city of Kannapolis. A whopping total of $445, 000 in tax rebates!


Once again, in the name of jobs and economic development, our local governments have extended unconstitutional "privileges" to private corporations. When certain companies receive tax rebates, the other companies have to pick up the slack. The privileged company receives the same 'services' as their competition here in the county does, at a lower fee.

Favoring certain businesses over others in immoral and unjust.

Equal Justice For All, Special Privileges To None...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Independent Tribune Doesn't Get It

The editorial in today's Independent Tribune was titled, "Users fees a bad idea for county". I am not surprised the editorial staff took the position they did. They are more comfortable with the redistribution of wealth than a free market.

What is wrong with user fees? What is wrong with paying for the services you use?

In a truly free market, user fees would be the sole source of revenue for government at all levels. Our U.S. Constitution allows tariffs and excise taxes. Regretfully, our Constitution has been ignored and we have become burdened with every tax imaginable!

Here is a paragraph from the editorial.

"Penalizing those who use our parks, libraries and senior centers by making them pay to use them almost defeats the purpose of having them in our community"


What does it mean when we have to pay to use restaurants, movie theatres and hardware stores? Does that defeat the purpose of having them in our community?

Of course not!

It's called market economics. When your family rents a video, do you expect your neighbor to pay for it? When your child needs a new pair of glasses, do you try to force your friends to help pay for them?

I would hope not! That would be highly uncivilized! Our government should be held to the same standard.

Taking money from one person, by force, and giving it to another person is socialism, plain and simple!

Here is another paragraph from the editorial

"What do our property tax dollars go to if we can't go to Frank Liske Park, the Village Park Amphitheatre in Kannapolis or one of our senior centers for a program unless we shell out $5 or even $2?"

Well, I can tell you where they should go!

To protect our Lives, Liberty and Property; to protect the innocent from force and fraud; to enforce contracts.

The reasons I listed above were the same justifications our Founding Fathers used in establishing our Republic.

In a free society, user fees are the most natural and just way to pay for anything, public and private.

The editorial failed to mention the fact Bob Carruth introduced the idea of user fees. It is no secret that Bob and myself often disagree politically. However, he has my full support on this issue.

I just hope the rest of the commission will at least consider this idea.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

A Shocking Development: I Agree With Bob Carruth

[Disclaimer for my fiscal conservative friends: No, I have not lost my mind. Sorry Coy and Robert, but Bob makes sense on this one]

As a human being, I have nothing but respect for Cabarrus County Commissioner Bob Carruth. However, in regards to politics, we have very little in common. We rarely agree on issues relative to the size, scope and purpose of our county government. There is one issue we do agree on....


In an article this week in the Independent Tribune, (sorry, could not find the story on-line) Mr. Carruth introduced the concept of user fees to fund our parks and libraries. I was shocked when I read the story. As a Libertarian, I believe user fees is the most just and efficient way to fund government "services".

I would like to thank Mr. Carruth for bringing this issue to the table.

I am man enough to admit when one of my political opponents is right.

The Rumor Is True

There will be a Libertarian running for Concord Mayor. Mr. Carl Miller, recording secretary of the Cabarrus LP, filed this past Thursday.

I look forward to Carl's campaign. It will be nice to hear from a true fiscal conservative in this race.

Go Carl, Go!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

One Member Of Congress On "Kelo vs. New London"

"The Kelo (v. New London) case also demonstrates that local
government can be as tyrannical as centralized government.
Decentralized power is always preferable, of course, since it's
easier to fight city hall than Congress. But government power
is ever and always dangerous, and must be zealously guarded
against. Most people in New London, Connecticut, like most
people in America, would rather not involve themselves in politics.
The reality is that politics involves itself with us whether we like
it or not. We can bury our heads in the sand and hope that things
don't get too bad, or we can fight back when government treats
us as its servant rather than its master."

U.S. House Rep. Ron Paul (R*)

He is a libertarian registered as a Republican*

* [8/7/05 Correction: Richard Winger of Ballot Access News sent me an e-mail correcting me in regards to Texas Election Law. You cannot register with a political party in Texas. Ron Paul was nominated by the Republican Party.]

Back from Vacation

Some observations and comments regarding events that happened while I was away from my computer...

My first trip to the beach in five years was great.....

The Kelo vs. New London Supreme Court decision was disgusting and vulgar. The judges who ruled in favor of the town of New London are guilty of treason! Stealing private property and giving it to private corporations is immoral and unconstitutional.....

The Harrisburg Independence Day Parade and Festival was fun as usual. Benita Conrad and her volunteers did an outstanding job of coordinating the event. I met some great folks at the Cabarrus LP booth. I am already looking forward to next year.....

Filings for municipal elections here in Cabarrus has begun. There is a rumor that a Libertarian may be running for mayor of Concord. We shall see...