Sunday, October 30, 2005

Support Libertarian For Mayor Of Charlotte

From the Campaign of Rusty Sheridan
Libertarian for Mayor of Charlotte

Libertarian Mayoral Candidate offers alternative

Libertarian mayoral candidate Rusty Sheridan, whose
party was decertified by the Board of Elections in
August, still plans on serving as Charlotte's next
mayor. "I wouldn't have filed for the office if I
didn't plan on winning", said Sheridan.

It's an uphill battle, but there is hope.

In Raleigh there is a pending lawsuit which would
force the BOE to place his name, as well as the names
of the other Libertarian candidates across the state
who were decertified, back on the ballot. If that
lawsuit isn't settled by Election Day, Sheridan urges
Charlotte citizens to write in his name for mayor.

"It's really sad that the BOE saw fit to deny the
people of Charlotte a real choice for mayor. You've
got big-spender McCrory, or big-government Madans.
Those are the only options the elites want you to
have. I won't go down without a fight. The people of
Charlotte deserve better."

Sheridan was the first alternative candidate, but now
there is another option, Republican Don Reid,
springing up out of the woodwork. Reid announced his
write-in bid for mayor last week: several months after
Sheridan filed, then was dismissed by state action.

"I've been a write-in candidate since the moment the
BOE kicked me off. I had been waiting for the judge's
decision in our court case, but then I saw a cartoon
in the Observer about Reid's campaign and heard it
discussed on talk radio. Now I look to the press to
present my information. Afterall, unlike Reid, I was
dedicated enough to this race to file this summer with
other balloted candidates. It was the bureaucrats that
forced me to convert to a write-in campaign."

Sheridan urges all citizens who believe in personal
responsibility and limited governmental intrusion into
citizens' lives to write in Rusty Sheridan for mayor
of Charlotte. And he urges all press to give him the
same coverage they have to Don Reid.

And, assuming he wins his lawsuit before Election Day
and gets his name back on the ballot, Sheridan urges
all press to give him equal coverage to McCrory and

"Charlotteans have two choices. More government, or
Rusty Sheridan. I trust they will make the proper
decision, if only the press will let them know."

For more information
Rusty Sheridan
(704)537-5469 home
(440)785-0991 mobile

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Momma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Politicians!

Ahh, politicians make such good role models.

We have Karl Rove and Tom DeLay on the national level. How about Jim Black and Frank Ballance here in N.C.?

Scandal after scandal, it gets hard to keep score. It seems that Democrats and Republicans are in a race to determine which party is the most corrupt! If that is the case, I say they both win, while our nation loses.

Our political process is a sham. A rigged game where power and privilege trumps principles and high ideals. Why would any parent let their child become a page or an intern under the tutelage of these scoundrels? Just what our nation needs, a system to teach our future leaders how to steal, cheat, bribe, get the idea.

Politics is about control. These elite power pimps believe that they are your masters. They are the products of Social Darwinism. They say that all men are created equal but their actions prove otherwise. They believe they are the "Supermen", the mortal gods born to govern over the ignorant masses. They are victims of junk science. They insist on repeating the "sins of their fathers". They are the privileged class, silver spoons and all. Fearless crusaders for justice have fought these self-appointed "kings", on behalf on women, people of color, the poor. Through their manipulation of our economic system, they have created a class of wage slaves. By extending unconstitutionial privileges to corporations, at the expense of the working class, they have instituted a feudal system.

How does it feel to be a serf?

These are just a few examples of the poison of politics. This dark, God forbidden disease has infiltrated every human institution; the church, the temple, the fraternal lodges. Bigotry, envy, lust for power, you name it!

Is this freedom to you? If it is, I pity your weak and feeble mind.

If you are satisfied with the status quo, enjoy your misery!

Remember that when you go to the polls to "elect" your masters. That is exactly what you are doing when you vote for Republicans and Democrats.

Free Market Solutions To Our Water Woes

This is a letter from my good friend, Chris Cole.

To the editor:
It was revealed recently that the town of Midland,
incorporated in 2000, is negotiating to take over the
water system in its area. That water has been provided
by the city of Concord since 1995. Midland authorities
see the water system as a means to control growth,
especially coming over the Mecklenburg County line.

First, I wonder why no one questions why the
government needs to sell water, though there are
private water systems. We understand that government
provides police service for example, because
government is force, and we have delegated a monopoly
on forceful self-defense to government (described in
the Declaration of Independence). How is force and
monopoly proper to the commercial distribution of
water (or any other commercial product)? Ahhh, the
actions of Midland provide the answer.

Second, I wonder why it is accepted as normal that a
government will seize a monopoly on an essential
product, water, then use that monopoly to manipulate
the private choices of its customers. That would be
considered intolerable thuggery by any private
distributor. Is inducing thirst an acceptable means of
public policy?

For the sake of their liberty, I plead with Cabarrus
residents to demand the privatization of their water
supply. Only by transferring water to the competitive
environment of free enterprise can they remove it from
the manipulation of politicians.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The System Is The Problem, Not The People

I have heard comments like the following since I became interested in politics at the age of ten. "We need "good" people in office" or "If so and so gets elected, things will get better" or how about "We need "good" Christians in office".

Yes, we do need good people in office. People who value the rights of individual citizens over political power. People who understand and apply the wise command of "Thou shall not steal". People who do not covet the wealth of their neighbors. The redistribution of wealth is theft, plain and simple, whether the money goes for a new school or a sports arena.

It does not matter if we elect "so and so" or anyone else unless they work to reform political government. You could elect Billy Graham. The system is broke! Reform is the only solution.

Coercion is a violation of Nature's Law. Our current political system's foundation rests upon coercion and fraud. No politician has the moral authority to govern me. My parents had that moral authority for the first eighteen years of my life. From that moment forward, the sole responsibility has been my own.

Every person has the moral responsibility and duty to govern themselves.

If you elect someone who believes otherwise, you not only waste your vote; you assist the government's continued violation of our natural rights.

We get the government we deserve!

No one can accuse me of not trying to deserve better.

Friday, October 07, 2005

North Carolina Ballot Access Coalition

If you are interested in free and fair elections for North Carolina voters, please join the NC Ballot Access Yahoo group. If you belong to the Constitution, Green or Libertarian parties or just want to vote for someone besides a Democrat or a Republican, this group is for you.