Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Antifederalists Warned Us

"The Antifederalists warned us that the cost Americans would bear in both liberty and resources for the government that would evolve under the Constitution would rise sharply. That is why their objections led to the Bill of Rights, to limit that tendency (though with far too little success that has survived to the present).
Antifederalists opposed the Constitution on the grounds that its checks on federal power would be undermined by expansive interpretations of promoting the "general welfare" (which would be claimed for every law) and the "all laws necessary and proper" clause (which would be used to override limits on delegated federal powers), creating a federal government with unwarranted and undelegated powers that were bound to be abused." Gary Galles

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm Back..I Promise

Been a while, hadn't it? Life has been pretty crazy. During the past month, my marriage plans have been scrapped (not my choice) and my computer died. That is all I need to bore you with.

I will survive. The fight for freedom is reason enough to get up every morning.