Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pro-Liberty Outreach In Cabarrus...

[Disclaimer!] The Libertarian Party of Cabarrus County DOES NOT endorse Ron Paul. Only individual members are promoting Ron Paul's campaign. No party funds have been, or ever shall be used to support any candidate outside the by-laws of the national and state Libertarian parties......

The Libertarian Party of Cabarrus County will be co-hosting (along
with the Liberty Preservation League)an outreach booth at the Cabarrus
County Fair. The fair runs for eight days, Sept. 7th - 15th.

This booth will be multi-partisan. The pro-freedom activist non
profit, Bureaucrash will also be represented at our booth. The RLC and
other pro-freedom groups are invited to participate and/or send

We want to showcase the diverse support the Ron Paul Revolution has

Attendance at the fair should reach 100,000 or better. We have 1,000
RP Liberty Cards so far. We are having a RP banner made for the booth.

Four members of the Cabarrus LP executive committee are die-hard RP
supporters. We have already spent several hundred dollars on our
booth. The lease and charge for electricity cost $390. We are by NO
means asking for donations. Send those to Dr. Paul. We are only asking
for participation and fellowship!

Peace & Liberty,

Thomas Hill
Chair, Cabarrus LP
Past Chair, Libertarian Party of N.C.


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