Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Perfect Storm Is Brewing....

POC Thomas L. Knapp


Fort Bragg, CA -- Citing overwhelming support from his own party's
members and lackluster response to Libertarian presidential campaigns,
Steve Kubby today endorsed US Representative Ron Paul's campaign for
the Republican Party's 2008 presidential nomination. Kubby, a
candidate in his own party's presidential contest, made the
endorsement in an interview from his home in Mendocino County, California.

"I am not, and have never been, a Republican," says Kubby, 60, best
known for his work for cannabis legalization and on behalf of medical
marijuana patients. "For me, the Libertarian Party has always been,
and remains, our last best hope for achieving freedom through the
American political process. And until recently my position was that
the Libertarian Party needed to stick to its own guns, stake out its
own territory. But sometimes a special situation comes along."

Recent polling shows Paul garnering the support of about 70% of LP
members -- and the LP's front-runners, including Kubby, clustered
together in the 2-3% range among those same members. That polling,
Paul's much higher media profile, and fundraising reports showing that
Paul has raised nearly 100 times as much money as any of his
Libertarian competitors, convinced Kubby that this is just such a

"I'm still running for president," says Kubby. "My campaign's first
television commercial will debut shortly. I'm continuing to debate my
opponents, attend public events as a candidate, and appear on talk
radio to make my case. There are important things that need to be
said, and I'm saying them. Dr. Paul and I disagree on some issues that
I want to skyline, and I firmly believe that I'm the best candidate to
represent the party next November. But when 70% of your own party
believes so strongly in a candidate that they're willing to cross
party lines to support him at least until he's out of the running, you
owe it to them to back their play."

Kubby states that if his fellow freedom activists' long-shot bet pays
off and Ron Paul becomes the Republican nominee, he will withdraw, ask
the party to nominate "None of the Above" at its national convention,
and work as a volunteer on Paul's general election campaign. "And I'm
urging my fellow Libertarians to approach this in the same way," he
says. "But at the same time, I'll continue preparing to give the LP
the best presidential campaign I can give it if that doesn't work out."

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