Friday, January 19, 2007


I just visited the National Debt Website,

At this moment our national debt stands at $8,674,613,221,371.48. Since September 29 2006, the debt has grown by an average of $1.50 billion dollars A DAY!

If this information doesn't concern you enough, consider the amount of debt owed by state and local governments. On top of that, consider the amount of personal debt owed by the citizens of this nation.

We are irresponsible debtors. The international banking cartel owns us. They are terrible mortal gods, enslaving a so called "free" people. This cartel owns the Federal Reserve, which creates "money" out of thin air and "loans" it to the American people, with interest.

What a sick and Godless system!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Avoiding Evil

"To avoid evil, it is not enough to intellectually understand that it is morally wrong to coercively harm others. One must also be instilled with sympathy for others, an empathy that dissolves greed and makes it hurtful to oneself to inflict harm on others."
Fred E. Foldvary
"The Origins of Evil"

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Financial Charade...

"We get into trouble by not following the precepts of liberty or obeying the rule of law. Preemptive, undeclared wars fought under false pretenses are a road to disaster. If a full declaration of war by Congress had been demanded as the Constitution requires, this war never would have been fought. If we did not create credit out of thin air as the Constitution prohibits, we never would have convinced taxpayers to support this war directly from their pockets. How long this financial charade can go on is difficult to judge, but when the end comes it will not go unnoticed by any American."
Congressman Ron Paul

War Escalator...

"Get on board the Middle East war-escalator – Republicans, Democrats, one and all! Screw the American people and the recent election results – that was then, this is now. Democrats in the know are sitting back and enjoying the tax-funded orgy known as Pelosi-palooza!, raking in the campaign cash from lobbyists and special interests – and letting the good times roll!"