Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh Blackwater...Keep On Killing...

I like the Doobie Brothers' version better, by far. Blackwater USA, a private security contractor based here in North Carolina, is under "investigation" for murdering innocent Iraq civilians.

For more details, follow the links provided below.

Private contractors are feasting on the fruits of working peoples' labors. The average daily salary for a Blackwater employee is $600. Nice paychecks and the peace of mind knowing you will not be held responsible for your actions.

Welcome to 21st Century warfare... Neo-con style!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll in New Hampshire...

New Hampshire is looking better all the time. Republicans must be more intelligent up there. The NH primary will tell the tale.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pro-Liberty Outreach In Cabarrus...

[Disclaimer!] The Libertarian Party of Cabarrus County DOES NOT endorse Ron Paul. Only individual members are promoting Ron Paul's campaign. No party funds have been, or ever shall be used to support any candidate outside the by-laws of the national and state Libertarian parties......

The Libertarian Party of Cabarrus County will be co-hosting (along
with the Liberty Preservation League)an outreach booth at the Cabarrus
County Fair. The fair runs for eight days, Sept. 7th - 15th.

This booth will be multi-partisan. The pro-freedom activist non
profit, Bureaucrash will also be represented at our booth. The RLC and
other pro-freedom groups are invited to participate and/or send

We want to showcase the diverse support the Ron Paul Revolution has

Attendance at the fair should reach 100,000 or better. We have 1,000
RP Liberty Cards so far. We are having a RP banner made for the booth.

Four members of the Cabarrus LP executive committee are die-hard RP
supporters. We have already spent several hundred dollars on our
booth. The lease and charge for electricity cost $390. We are by NO
means asking for donations. Send those to Dr. Paul. We are only asking
for participation and fellowship!

Peace & Liberty,

Thomas Hill
Chair, Cabarrus LP
Past Chair, Libertarian Party of N.C.

What It Means To Be A Libertarian...

According to Charles Murray, What It Means to Be a Libertarian, Broadway Books, 1997

The American Founders created a society based on the belief that human happiness is intimately connected with personal freedom and responsibility. The twin pillars of the system they created were limits on the power of the central government and protection of individual rights. . . .

A few people, of whom I am one, think that the Founders' insights are as true today as they were two centuries ago. We believe that human happiness requires freedom and that freedom requires limited government.

The correct word for my view of the world is liberal. "Liberal" is the simplest anglicization of the Latin liber, and freedom is what classical liberalism is all about. The writers of the nineteenth century who expounded on this view were called liberals. In Continental Europe they still are. . . . But words mean what people think they mean, and in the United States the unmodified term liberal now refers to the politics of an expansive government and the welfare state. The contemporary alternative is libertarian. . . .

Libertarianism is a vision of how people should be able to live their lives-as individuals, striving to realize the best they have within them; together, cooperating for the common good without compulsion. It is a vision of how people may endow their lives with meaning-living according to their deepest beliefs and taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions.