Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fear The Penguins

[Mascot of the LP]

Here in N.C., chances are, folks will be seeing a lot of penguins in the coming weeks.

Operation Penguin Protest is about to start.

Libertarians are mad as hell. We will not lay down and take it!

The SBOE and N.C. House has screwed us over big time!

It is time to push back and we intend to push their boots off our necks!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Attack Of The Fascist Yard Police

Mildred and Joe Martin placed a sign in their yard to explain to neighbors why their grass had grown long.

[Photo: T. Ortega Gaines]

Is your neighbor's grass to high? Do they park their car on their lawn? How about indoor furniture on the front porch?

Dial 311!

Yea boy, tattle tale to Daddy Caesar.

Is this the America our founders fought and died for? Hell no!

The nice folks in the picture were ratted out to the Man!

Their crime...not cutting their grass.

Here is the reason for not cutting their grass...

[Charlotte Observer]

"The letter -- like hundreds sent by the city every month -- threatened a $50 fine if the Martins didn't mow the yard of their home in Lansdowne off Providence Road in south Charlotte.

Mildred, 70, had just had three blood transfusions and surgery on a broken hand. Joe, 73, was fighting a bad case of shingles. And their lawnmower had been at the repair shop for two weeks."

Those are mighty fine neighbors!

It gets worse! This is the response from the Neighborhood Nark...

[Charlotte Observer]

"If (Mildred Martin) had been a friend, I would have certainly said something," Smith told the Observer. "But I've never been that friendly with them, so I don't think it would have been very well received."

"Besides," she added, "I thought this was what the city was for."

Yeah Neighborhood Nark, that is the reason we have city government... to bully our neighbors.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Some Republicans Laugh At Libertarians

I will not sink to the level of some of the low life, locker room RINOS who post to Free Republic.

Click here:

Gee, if I called myself a Republican, how proud would I be to be associated with such morons?

I will not make blanket statements like "Republicans Are Facist Pigs" or "Republicans Are Knuckle Dragging Theocrats".

That would not be fair to the small number of Republican friends I still trust.

In the coming weeks, I will be keeping score. I wonder if the list will grow or shrink?

Who wants to fall under the Curtis Blackwood "Splinter Party" Jackass column?

I'm making a list and checking it twice...

No Libertarians On The Ballot...No Reason To Vote!

So the Old North State doesn't "recognize" The Libertarian Party of North Carolina. Well I guess I have no choice but to not "recognize" their rigged elections.

If I can not vote for a Libertarian, I will not vote!

The scumbags like House member Curtis Blackwood are guilty of treason. The openly violate the N.C. Constitution and dare us to do something about it.

Well here is what I am going to do. The only promise I can make is this..

"I, Thomas Hill, do here by swear, to only use violence in a case of self defense."

I want to be very clear, I do not wish any physical harm upon my enemies.

However, beyond that, there are no rules. I will do anything, outside of violence, to expose these tyrants. They have declared war against not only Libertarians, but every other non - demopublican voter in this state!

They are traitors and enemies of Liberty. I despise them and their corrupt government! We no longer live in a republic.

These low lifes have no moral authority to govern me.

I do not have the moral authority to apply the punishment their crimes deserve.

I do not have to use my fists because my idea of Liberty is superior to their lust for political power. They will self destruct soon enough.

I intend to provide plenty of rope that they can use to hang themselves. The damn cheaters!

Read The Constitution, Stupid!

The N.C. Constitution
Article 6.

Sec. 6. Eligibility to elective office.

"Every qualified voter in North Carolina who is 21 years of age, except as in this Constitution disqualified, shall be eligible for election by the people to office."


Sounds pretty cut & dried to me. I fail to find the words "political party" or "candidate" within the highest law in North Carolina.

Looks like the General Assembly has ignored the Constitution. It is a rigged game. I have known that for years.

If Libertarian candidates are denied access to the ballot, the state is in violation of the N.C. Constitution.

I am waiting for someone to tell that I am wrong....

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Meet A Real Jackass..

Picture of Jacob Curtis Blackwood, Jr.

The jackass in the picture above doesn't give a damn about fair and free elections here in N.C. He made that very clear during the House Finance Committee meeting this morning in Raleigh.

His name is Curtis Blackwood (Union). He was the only representative to speak against our ballot access bill, H88. He called the Libertarians and other third parties "splinter parties". Crap Mr. Blackwood, why not go ahead and label us as terrorists! He said third parties could threaten our form of government.

What B.S.!

Thankfully, his colleagues corrected him and spoke in defense of the bill. The other members of the committee understand that H88 is about leveling the political playing field.

Mr. Blackwood proved that the only thing important to him is maintaining power.

Mr. Blackwood, you are a real jackass!

I've Got A Good Excuse...

I have not had much time to spend on my blog as of late. As many of you know, The N.C. State Board of Elections decertified the Libertarian Party yesterday (Monday, August 22nd). We were not surprised by the decision. We have been preparing for it for the past week and and half. As you can imagine, this issue has been priority #1 for me as state chair.

By their actions, the SBOE has removed candidates, which qualify under the N.C. Constitution, from the ballot in Charlotte and Winston Salem. But hey, they don't give a damn about the Constitution.

So I hope you forgive me for being away. Duty has called and I have answered.

I look forward to sharing the story of our struggle for equality.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Another Political Rumor...

There is rumor that Flip Flop Hayes will have Libertarian opposition next year in the 8th Congressional District. God knows there should be!

Stay tuned...

I predict this blog will be the first to announce the news......... ;^)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

N.C. Think Tank Defending Private Property

The following is a press release from the Civitas Institute, which is based in Raleigh. It is encouraging to see progressive steps being taken to protect our property from oppressive local governments.


RALEIGH — “The Kelo v. New London decision by the U.S. Supreme Court has placed everyone’s property in danger, even in North Carolina,” declared Thomas Stith, Vice President of the Civitas Institute, a conservative public policy think tank headquartered in Raleigh. “The ruling opens the door for our state legislators to change current statutes to use eminent domain for economic development purposes, if they are persuaded to do so by local governments or other interested parties.”

As a member of the Durham City Council, Stith is familiar with the power local governments have to obtain property from citizens under eminent domain for “public use.” Most people understand “public use” to mean highways, bridges, government buildings, schools and prisons — not condominiums, hotels, shopping malls or private office buildings.

Stith said North Carolina law provides “specific conditions cities and counties can use to condemn private land” for roads, parks, sewage systems, government buildings and other facilities.

“I don’t think we should rely on our state legislators to keep the current restrictions on not allowing eminent domain to be used for economic development purposes,” Stith warned. “If legislators are convinced that taking citizen’s property for private development would create more taxes and jobs, then I fear that no one’s property in North Carolina would be secure.”

Stith said: “We need ironclad protection that would prevent legislators from ever making that change. We need a constitutional amendment. An amendment that defines ‘public use’ and prohibits economic development from ever being a reason governments could exercise their eminent domain powers.”

According to Stith, the Institute for Justice, a public interest legal organization that argued before the Supreme Court in the Kelo v. New London case, has reported that more than 10,000 properties in 41 states either face condemnation, or the threat of condemnation, by local governments for development.

He said the Civitas Institute is researching eminent domain case histories as a prelude to drafting language for a constitutional amendment. “Our goal is to ensure that every home, business, religious house of worship or piece of land is protected from being taken by government and turned over for commercial uses.”